2011 has included (in no particular order):

The most amazing night of my life, drinking at my favorite bar until I blacked out and then drinking some more, almost confessing my undying love to exactly the wrong guy, feeling professionally satisfied for the first time in years, urinating in public, illegal activities in back alleys, packing up all of my earthly possessions, changing locations, unpacking all of my earthly possessions at said new location, sleeping in a foyer on a bed made of couch cushions, no less than eight near-nervous breakdowns, being overcome by fear, being overcome by joy, a gnarly encounter with a bathroom phantom, uprooting my entire existence, and finally, after 26 years, making my dad proud of me.

This has been no small feat, considering that 2011 has only consisted of four days thus far.

My name is Amber Valentine. I used to just be a girl who wrote about music. And then I started to grow up.

Gotta Start Somewhere by amberaudravalentine